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Directory Submission

Directory submission is proven to be a wonderful method for gaining quality one-way incoming back links. Even newbie SEOs ( Search Engine Optimizing people ) knows how play an important role in today's search engine optimization procedure. Higher the quality of incoming links better your search engine rankings and visibility.

What does it mean to make directory submissions? The concept of directory submissions is submitting your website or your blog to a particular directory. Similar to having your phone number listed in the yellow pages, only this is a computerized version of the on a much bigger but more defined scale. You post your website or your blog in a web directory for ease of location of your website by your customers.

So basically a web directory is just like your phone book but it contains links to different websites rather than a list of phone numbers. Just like with your the web directories put their information into different categories and sub-categories for ease of location of required information. When you make a directory submission you need to put your details into the most appropriate category, and sub-category, of the directory. So you place your listing in the most suitable category so you customers can find you more easily.

A website directory will check the content of your website before it will list it in the directory and when you are listed most of the websites will supply your website with a link back from the website directory. So your customers will find your business within the directory and then they will be able to click on the link directly back to your website.

Link building is an important to gain top ranking in search engines. Most of the search engines give importance to websites having inward links. While developing Link Building strategies, most companies rely heavily on links from web directories. Getting links from web directories help in building links as well as your website start receiving traffic from the web directories. We are India based SEO company provides various directory submission services. We do not use any automated softwares to submit your website to the web directories, we do all submissions by hand. We strictly follow the guidelines set by the directories while submission resulting in high approval rate. All these links are one way and are permanent. We use more than one anchor text and tags while submission. We also help our clients to formulate Title/Anchor Texts to get maximum benefit of directory submission. Upon completion of the project, we provide complete submission reports. We submit your

website to the most relevant catogory available in the web directory for relevancy. Some directories do allow deep link submission. Our directory submission plans are affordable and at the same time we provide you quality, good customer support. Apart from submitting to general directories,

Client dedication is the core of our approach. First, we pay attention to the integrity and ethics your company demands because you need a comfortable interaction. Second, understanding your business let us lead it to the next level. We aim to perfect our services to trim operational costs, improve quality and free your internal resources for other purposes. If you want to know about us then ask from our clients. They can give you real feedback about us. If you have any query regarding our services just fill our feedback form our business executives will get back to you within 24 hours or you can contact us through the numbers available on our contact us page.

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