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Windows based server hosting or LINUX based server hosting?

Web hosting at very Cheap Rates

Whether it is for your personal homepage or corporate website for your small business, one of the most significant relationships for any website owner will be with its web hosting company. Web host selection is important for anyone who manages or runs his or her own site. The following articles are intended to teach you about how to choose a web host so that you can make an informed decision.

There are 5 factors by which all companies can be measured.

1. Reliability - 99.9% uptime and my site is !@#$ down!! --> Reliability This rates the ability of the vendor to provide a stable, fault-tolerant infrastructure.

2. Technical Support - Defining 24/7 free support --> Ask any web designer or developer and they will tell you how important having an AVAILABLE and COMPETENT technical support staff is. Especially when your website is down and your vistors are being effected. Almost all companies are offering free 24/7 technical support. That means that the company must hire competent staff that will be available to answer phone calls whenever you call.

3. Company Stability - How long will your host last? -->The financial stability of a company is a factor that I would consider one of the most important when selecting a web hosting provider.

4. Price/Features --> Finally, we've come to the item that is probably most important to users. Be wary of the universal truth in this life is that you get what you pay for! That being said, understanding what the purpose of your website often defines how much you should pay for a website. What I recommend is fine a decent sized company that offers managed hosting and colocation services and see how much their web hosting plans cost. If it is reasonable, it's a good bet that they have reliable systems and knowledgable support staff for even their smaller hosting needs.

5. Flexibility --> Be careful, some web hosting companies will do anything to lock you into their services. That may include holding your domain name ransom!! Ask what happens if you decide to switch web hosting providers in the future.

Evaluating Your Needs

Before even before researching companies, it is important to recognize what your individual sites needs are.

Windows based server hosting or LINUX based server hosting?
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